Design Engineering And Testing

Lion AV provides many different services related to design engineering, testing and educational services. Lion AV is the official product trainer for the Datacolor Corporation, a worldwide leader in color management. Classes include color management techniques and Imaging Science Foundation certification.

Dear Joel, (Joel Silver, President Imaging Science Foundation)

This is long overdue, as I’ve wanted to send you a quick note in regard to the ColorFacts/ISF training that was conducted at EH Expo in Orlando. In a word… EXCELLENT!!!!

Gregg and his staff did an incredible job. I have previously taken ISF training and have passed the test. However, I never felt comfortable with the hands-on side of the work. All I can say is that I came back with a new found confidence and can now comfortably offer ISF calibration services to my clients.

I liken the experience to Gerry Lemay’s HAA Level II class for audio, where we received some really great hands-on experience. Also, the arrangement that Datacolor has with LionAV for second-tier tech support for ColorFacts is huge and having access to calibrators who have seen it all is valuable beyond description.

I have started to spread the word with my HAA brethren that if they want great video calibration training, using a great product, that this is the course to take.

Mike Orlowski



I just wanted to email you and tell you how much I enjoyed and benefited from the ISF training class that I attended recently in Denver. You really changed the way I look at monitors, my understanding of what the controls on them actually do, and how they require knowledge and calibration equipment to be properly adjusted – not just standing back and eye-balling it like I use to and most of my competitors still do. I especially liked all of the hands-on time and the way you mixed up the the teams and the types of displays and technology types. It was a great mix of classroom time and hands-on time. It was a much more varied hands-on time that prepared me for the real world calibrating that I will be doing. I’m getting long winded, but what I am trying to say is that your training session was superior to similar industry training sessions that I have attended. I’m much better prepared to actually go forth and perform the task that the training taught me than with any other manufacturer’s training. I also have found that when I speak to my clients, I feel I have a definite advantage over my non-ISF certified competition. I feel that I sound like I am speaking from a higher platform of knowledge than my competition. My hat is off to you for great training and to Datacolor for a great product.

Prather Warren
Innovative Home Media LLC

Hi Gregg,I just wanted to thank you and your team at Lion AV for the very informative training programs in Denver during CEDIA this past September. I enjoyed meeting Michael Chen during his presentation of the Colorfacts Professional calibration workshop. Joe Kane’s Advanced Color Space class was extremely informative and helped clarify a few questions I had regarding this often misunderstood aspect of our business. As a current user of another manufacturers color analyzer and software, I was very inpressed with the Colorfacts Professional software being utilized during the training workshops. I particularly like the flexibility of supporting various light measuring devices that the Colorfacts software offers. As a calibrator who is always looking to improve his craft and equipment, I just wanted to let you know that I will be upgrading my analyzer software to the CF6000. Thanks Gregg!

Lee Gallagher
Advanced Audio Visual