PayPal-Only Section
(for when you’ve already filled out the form and submitted it)

Fill out the form below, select the type of service to be done and pay using Paypal’s interface. The $75 travel fee is only payable at time of booking. Should you cancel, travel fee is non-refundable. The calibration service fees are payable upon completion of service.

Travel Fee (Non refundable) 75.00
Travel Rate (hourly) 75.00
Direct View CRT Calibration 225.00
Direct View HD Capable CRT Calibration (3 inputs) 275.00
LCD/Plasma/OLED Calibration
(3 inputs)
Projector Calibration 450.00
HDR Calibration – HDR10, DV, HLG 75.00
Other Labor (hourly) 125.00
Duvetyne Lining (material & labor) 750.00

Pricing Information

Pricing is based on the type of viewing device and the level of service requested.

  • $225 for a direct view tube. Grayscale for one input.
  • $275 for a direct view HD capable tube, inputs as required (DVD and High Definition).
  • $400 for digital displays including LCD, ,OLED, LCoS, and Plasmas, up to three inputs. See services for listings.
  • HDR: Add $75 for HDR-10, DV, HLG when calibrated at the same time.
  • $275 for second and subsequent annual calibrations including HD if done at time of initial calibration. Pricing for digital or CRT.
  • $450 package price for front projection displays. Grayscale for one input, Convergence for one scan rate. Additional work provided by quote.
  • $125 hourly rate for all additional services including advanced geometry work, convergence work for multiple aspect ratios and advanced troubleshooting.
  • $75 hourly rate travel time based on round trip travel, usually no travel fee for travel within New England. $50 travel fee for “tours” with no additional travel fees. Travel fees vary by professional.
  • Please email for specific pricing quotes.