Review by Anonymous: RPTV

Just had my calibration and black out done and it’s now complete! Whoo hoo! Getting the black out (duvetyne) done to the inner cabinet feels like looking into a “black hole” while the screen is off. All you see are the three color guns in a sea of darkness that you can’t even focus on – it just looks like empty nothingness. Black levels are extremly deep now, and contrast between light and dark looks much more solid and defined.
He also did some geometry and brought my overscan in quite a bit as well as the usual color, light and visual correcting items done. Getting this done again really shows how much the displays drift and need yearly tuneups to maintain overall good looking imaging. I mean, it looked good before, but there is always room for improvement, and it can clearly be seen. He also corrected a problem that I’ve been trying to overcome for a long time. I had a bit of uneven light intensity in one of the corners, that appeared almost like a shadow, confirmed with his measurment device. With the lens striping done, it is now balanced across the entire image and looks solid.
Overall, the entire calibration process was a fantastic job, and well worth the investment.
Thanks Gregg (7/30/2005)