Review by Burgertime – Panasonic Plasma 58PZ700U April 2008

ISF Guy: Gregg Loewen (LionAV)
TV: Panny 58PZ700
Arrival: On time at 3pm (coming in from Philly to Baltimore no less!)

I have been reading these boards for about 5 years as I have purchased a CRT RPTV, LCD RPTV, and my current 37” LCD and 58” plasma panels.  During that time I have always planned on getting my TVs calibrated once I got a TV I really wanted to keep.  I decided to get my plasma calibrated.

I went with LionAV because I always felt Gregg took the time to answer some questions on these boards in a friendly way.  Since Day 1 of my time reading AVS I knew Gregg would be the guy to hire when the time came.

His website is easy to use and Gregg responded quickly to my questions and set a date/time and stuck to it.  The entire process was smooth.

The calibration itself was a barrage of info; and I mean that in a good way.  Gregg could have sat there and only responded when spoken to but he took the time to explain what he was doing.  He explained:

1) How my set was initially setup and what was wrong with the settings

2) What his equipment was telling him and what all those graphs meant

3) How he was going to get my TV looking like it should.  This also included explaining and demonstrating terms like “Black crush” which I have seen thrown around a lot but never really explained.

4) Finally after the settings he showed me again what his equipment was telling him.  This was nice but I already saw the difference on the TV.

Also he explained some various techniques directors use when using colors in certain movie scenes.

Overall I could not be happier with the results or Gregg as a calibrator.

Highly recommended.