Review by Chris Smith, Enthusiast: Runco 947


Gregg was at our place yesterday to calibrate our Runco 947 CRT FP thrown to a 110″. We’ve had it ~ 2 years and I’ve always thought it provided a great picture, but I knew there were areas that could be improved. I was aware that the geometry was off in spots and that the convergence needing touching up. After seeing Mike’s Mits in the Spring, we decided to give Gregg a call and get him to our place.

Gregg got there somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00. I had turned the projector on about 11:00 or so, so it had been warming up for a good while, which I know is important for these to get a good calibration out of them.

Gregg starts with the DVD input by running through the test patterns and notices that our gemoetry is off by quite a bit in areas. We had bows here and bends there and the entire image was shifted off axis a little bit. Gregg broke out some tape and string and measured to get the screen to be acurate. He succeeded in getting all of the bends and bows out of it and now the lines are perfectly straight. He attempted to center it on the screen exactly, but due to the fact that it had not been centered for almost 2 years, he was worried about showing the burn in on the tubes if he raster shifted the image. So the image is shifted to the right about .5 cm which I can live with (you’d never notice it, even if you KNEW it was there.)

Then he fixed the grey scale. We were pretty close in the middle of the spectrum, but the edges were WAY off. I’ll post the actual graphs that he printed out later, after I get them from him in electronic form. It’s pretty dead on now. He then ran through the convergance and fixed everything there.

Next he took on the HD input. This has never been setup correctly, and in truth, it’s been so bad lately we haven’t really watched much HD on that TV. The images were ALL over the place and convergence was shot to hell. He had to basically start from scratch to fix this image, and I have to say, it looks amazing now.

After Gregg was done the HD input, we broke out the Superbit 5th Element disc and he started walking us through many of the shots. He was showing us detail in the blacks that I would have never seen or even think to look for, but it was showing us how great the projector could really look. YOu could see wrinkles in Willis’s Tux Tie during the Opera scene and the flesh tones were great. Just absolutly stunning.

After Gregg left we were watching some HD of HBO (Captian Ron, if you’d like to know) and it looked awesome. We then compared the HD feed to the DVD my Dad had and it was hard to tell the difference. The DVD looked so incredible that while the HD input was a tad better and a tad less grainy, I knew that we were missing on our DVD input for a long time. We watched The Core later that night and it just looked incredible. Little things that I used to notice (a slight blue or red ting to a white word or a slight bow to a straight line) were gone. And the detail that you could now see was amazing.

If you have a big screen projection TV, you owe it to yourself and your TV to get it calibrated. And I can’t recommend Gregg enough.