Review by Gonzalez in Washington DC – JVC RS20 THX Certified Projector – February 2009

I bought my RS20 last month and since then I wasn’t able to tweak it to my satisfaction. To my eyes THX mode image look very flat, so I experimented with the popular settings posted around here.
Last night, Gregg Loewen came to calibrate my RS20. He examined my settings and took some measurements.
As you can see in my attachment, D65 wasn’t that off, color gammut was right on spot with REC709, and gamma was almost perfect at 2.2.
The first thing he did, was to set the iris properly such that the black levels were accurate. Then he continued doing the contrast and brightness settings. Afterwards, he adjusted the greyscale in such away that it could reduce the DE’s below 1, and he succeded in doing so. Finally, adjusted the color and hue. We then took measurements (as post it in the attachment).
We then adjusted the pioneer 51fd, since it was clipping wtw. Then we moved on to watching some demo material, and explained to me about the
different CMS presets and how the THX works properly.
The image now looks flipping great… It really looks very closely to what you actually see in the movie theater, with the exception that it has by far more detailed…
To everyone that ones to have the most of their RS20 I recommend you have Gregg Loewen calibrate it…