Review by Mr Logs – Baltimore Sony 52XBR5 LCD Flat Panel – November 2007

Just a comment..I was sorta wondering if having my 52XBR5 would really make a difference..the answer was..yes indeed..I thought it “looked good” before….but I think there’s a difference between just looking good..and looking realistic..I had my Sony LCD calibrated by Gregg Loewen this past Wednesday..and I really gotta make’s a big difference!..The stuff look’s “real” looking thru a window..I was watching the show NCIS..and when a car went into the Potomac River (yuk!)..the underwater scenes looked real, murkiness & all..alomg with the fine sediment that was in the water. The actors faces looked “real” too..not like I was watching a brilliant TV screen with brilliant fleshtone colors… it worth it?…if you want to see the real deal..yes it is..worth every penny! Again..just an opinion from a satisfied customer!