Review by Chris Smith, Enthusiast, Runco 947 Owner


“You could see wrinkles in Willis’s Tux Tie during the Opera scene and the flesh tones were great. Just absolutely stunning.”

” Little things that I used to notice (a slight blue or red tinge to a white word or a slight bow to a straight line) were gone. And the detail that you could now see was amazing. If you have a big screen projection TV, you owe it to yourself and your TV to get it calibrated. And I can’t recommend Gregg enough.”

Review by Robert George “Obi” Obi’s Reviews, Enthusiast, Mitsubishi WS65411 Owner

“… this exceptional calibration has taken what I felt was a very good RPTV and made it jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Colors are wonderfully saturated and I have never seen such accuracy from a consumer TV. Blacks are deep and velvety with no trace of residual color yet shadow detail is even better than before.”

“As more and more people bring the beauty of high definition video into their homes and home theaters, the quality of the display device becomes even more important. My experience with Gregg Loewen was 100% positive and I give both Gregg and his services my highest recommendation. Every TV I will own in the future will be professionally calibrated.”

Review by Mike Knapp, Owner,, Mitsubishi WS-65857 RPTV Owner

“…I asked if he would be kind enough to stop by on his vacation swing through Florida and hook me up with a better image. I’m glad I did!”

“My image already looked incredible before he began. Now it looks stupendous. Flesh tones are dead on and the color renditions across the spectrum are greatly improved. The best way to describe it is that the colors look pure now.”

“Get this done, and use Gregg to do it.”

Review by Steven Simon, Moderator, Mitsubishi 46805 Owner

“Gregg Loewen goes way beyond the average calibration. He basically tweaks your TV to the max, and achieves the maximum quality out of your Rear Projection Television. I immediately noticed differences between my first techs work, and Gregg’s extensive calibration”

“Gregg’s passion for doing the best possible job he can, just exudes out of him. After watching him in action for 6 hours, I can tell he is going to go far in this field. His expertise is unmatched, and his methodical approach to detail lends him well. Highly recommended..”

Review by BlueMark81 on AVS – Fredericton NB Pioneer Elite 151 Plasma July 2009

I had Gregg calibrate my 151 last night and I was very impressed with his professionalism and explanation of all the procedures he conducted. The results are fantastic. He calibrated Pure mode and added/calibrated ISF day and ISF night. He was able to double my contrast and walked me through each setting he made with a clear and thorough explanation of everything he did. Highly recommended for those looking to improve an already excellent Pioneer display. Thanks Gregg!

Review by PSUFan5 – Pioneer Elite 111HD Plasma June 2009

Gregg Loewen from LionAV was here yesterday to calibrate my Pioneer Elite. The only thing I can really say about the calibration is “WOW”. It is nearly impossible to explain the difference between pure with D-Nice settings and an ISFccc calibration. The picture is so much brighter and everything is spot on. Plus the picture is no longer yellow and washed out!

Highly recommend Gregg for any of your calibration needs. Also quite the educational experience – everything was explained in great detail! Anyone who doesnt think there is a difference between normal calibration and ISFccc professional calibration is blind!

Very happy camper