Review by Alfredo – Madison AL Runco 5000 DLP, Multiple Pioneer Elite Panels December 2008

As you know I am very demanding, and as you may tell by the audio and video equipment I own I want the best picture and audio I can afford, to enjoy  them to the fullest.  You have calibrated my plasmas before, but now that two of them are three years old I assumed it would be much more difficult to achieve a “good picture.”
The calibrations you did this week on my two plasmas that are three years old, up to the newest Kuros from Pioneer, produced outstanding results.  Not only are my new Pioneer Kuro and Elite plasmas depicting an outstanding picture, even my two older plasmas are showing an astonishing picture.    Even my wife noticed the difference, she asked me if I had replaced the master bedroom plasma with a new one.
Thanks for your help, you did an outstanding job in these calibrations. I think the results are truly unsurpassable.
Thanks again, and have safe travels and happy holidays.

Review by Burgertime – Panasonic Plasma 58PZ700U April 2008

ISF Guy: Gregg Loewen (LionAV)
TV: Panny 58PZ700
Arrival: On time at 3pm (coming in from Philly to Baltimore no less!)

I have been reading these boards for about 5 years as I have purchased a CRT RPTV, LCD RPTV, and my current 37” LCD and 58” plasma panels.  During that time I have always planned on getting my TVs calibrated once I got a TV I really wanted to keep.  I decided to get my plasma calibrated.

I went with LionAV because I always felt Gregg took the time to answer some questions on these boards in a friendly way.  Since Day 1 of my time reading AVS I knew Gregg would be the guy to hire when the time came.

His website is easy to use and Gregg responded quickly to my questions and set a date/time and stuck to it.  The entire process was smooth.

The calibration itself was a barrage of info; and I mean that in a good way.  Gregg could have sat there and only responded when spoken to but he took the time to explain what he was doing.  He explained:

1) How my set was initially setup and what was wrong with the settings

2) What his equipment was telling him and what all those graphs meant

3) How he was going to get my TV looking like it should.  This also included explaining and demonstrating terms like “Black crush” which I have seen thrown around a lot but never really explained.

4) Finally after the settings he showed me again what his equipment was telling him.  This was nice but I already saw the difference on the TV.

Also he explained some various techniques directors use when using colors in certain movie scenes.

Overall I could not be happier with the results or Gregg as a calibrator.

Highly recommended.


Review by Joe H – Tampa Mitsubishi DLP Owner – WD73734 – December 2007

I really love the TV now. I watched Pirates 3 on Blu-ray and definitely can tell it looks better than when I bought it. Even standard TV looks better. After you left I watched a few movies and liked what you did, but the second day made me realize just what a great job you did. I dont know, for some reason I appreciated it much more the second day. I will say that DVD’s look a hell of a lot better. I really think between the DVD’s, the Blu-ray’s and cable, DVD benefited the most. They really look HD now. Thanks again for bringing out the best of my TV.

Review by Jeff: Samsung HLR 6167 DLP RPTV

To follow-up on my post that Gregg Loewen was coming to calibrate my Samsung 6167 RPTV Tuesday, I provide some feedback below.

My appointment was at 2pm, Gregg was early, how’s that for a service call! Compared to my experiences with D*, Best Buy, etc, Gregg put them to shame for promptness.

Gregg had a couple of fully packed equipment bags and other items he brought into the house. I had the windows covered w/black trash bags and some dark towels. I usually do this anyways when watching NFL on Sunday afternoons to maximize my viewing pleasure, my wife thinks I’m nuts but that’s another subject.

Gregg set-up his equipment and fully explained, step by step of what he was and would be doing. He said some of his clients could care less of his process. To each his own but why bother, plus he is educating you on an expensive hobby.

Gregg used a software program to measure my set’s current output of the color spectrum and grayscale. Most of my colors were pretty far off with blue being the closest to what it should be per ISF standards. My grayscale was way off, too hot!

Gregg went through the service menu many times, tweaking each color…blue, green and red. Once those were precise, he did the secondary colors…cyan, yellow, and magenta. He got all either dead on or within fractions. He also got the grayscale within fractions of 6500k. He copied to settings for all my inputs, I have HDMI and component 1 now but it’s good to know if I add in the future, I’m set.

Once he was done (about 2 1/2 hours), we viewed some HD from D* and then we looked at the Fifth Element on DVD and he pointed out the contrast and colors, especially the flesh tones. I noticed differences right away but it wasn’t the apparent night and day…not yet anyway.

After Gregg left, I sat down for some critical viewing. It became apparent rather quickly of the differences from before and after. The colors were so much truer to the subject. I had used DVE before to set everything and thought I had done a good job. Gregg’s calibration but all that to shame. I really noticed my hot colors, red and oranges were very refined, not bleeding over or screaming ‘look at me’! The flesh tones were so real. My 9-year-old immediately noticed a difference on the Discovery HD channel in the detail of the animals. The feathers on the birds were amazing. We were so engrossed in the HD viewing, we never got to a DVD. That will come later.

To sum it up….

– Gregg was great!
– I didn’t have the instant ‘holy mother of crap’ experience some have right away.
– BUT…once I viewed subject matter I was familiar with and did some constructive viewing, this was money WELL spent and I am extremely satisfied. I now feel I have the best possible picture, not the one that came screaming off the showroom.

Thanks – Jeff

Review by Anonymous: Samsung HLP5063

I had my Samsung HLP5063 calibrated by Gregg on Friday evening. He used component inputs and a test DVD to set the primary and secondary colors using the CCA method (unique to Samsung) in the service menu. Although SD was much improved the HD programming in certain lighted situations displayed a yellowish cast.

Gregg offered to come back last night and work on it some more. He also consulted with Seth Schnaible, a professional colleague and consultant to Samsung in Southern California. Gregg decided to recalibrate the primary and secondary colors using a HD signal generator through my DVI/Inputs. It took him several tries on each primary and secondary color to get them right on. The result was an essentially perfect CIE diagram. Prior to this second calibration the primary green and secondary yellow was still quite a bit off and presumably the cause of the yellowish cast I was getting on some HD images. Now my HD images are excellent and SD is still as good as SD gets.

Gregg certainly went the extra mile by consulting with other ISF calibrators and coming back and redoing the primary and secondary colors. If anyone is interested in having their set calibrated Gregg is considering coming back in August. I strongly recommend him. (8/1/2005)