Review by Alfredo – Madison AL Runco 5000 DLP, Multiple Pioneer Elite Panels December 2008

As you know I am very demanding, and as you may tell by the audio and video equipment I own I want the best picture and audio I can afford, to enjoy  them to the fullest.  You have calibrated my plasmas before, but now that two of them are three years old I assumed it would be much more difficult to achieve a “good picture.”
The calibrations you did this week on my two plasmas that are three years old, up to the newest Kuros from Pioneer, produced outstanding results.  Not only are my new Pioneer Kuro and Elite plasmas depicting an outstanding picture, even my two older plasmas are showing an astonishing picture.    Even my wife noticed the difference, she asked me if I had replaced the master bedroom plasma with a new one.
Thanks for your help, you did an outstanding job in these calibrations. I think the results are truly unsurpassable.
Thanks again, and have safe travels and happy holidays.