Review by Spleen – San Antonio – Pioneer Elite 111 HD Plasma May 2009

I’ve been enjoying the professional ISF calibration on my Elite PRO-111FD for a few weeks now so I’m overdue in giving my report.

Gregg Loewen did my calibration and he did a great job. He arrived on time and was very professional and personable. He explained what he was doing and gladly answered all my questions.

The before and after results are stunning. The ISFccc Day/Night modes are a huge improvement. I use the ISF Night mode almost exclusively.

Everyone who has seen my TV is extremely impressed.

If anyone is on the fence about having their TV professionally calibrated — just do it.

Gregg does not normally visit my area (San Antonio) so I feel honored to have had him do my calibration. I will use one of his affiliated partners (Doug Weil) who tours Texas when it comes time for a calibration tune-up.

Thanks Gregg!